8 Important Causes for Failure of Advertisement

Causes of failure of advertisement

Not all advertisements pay rich dividends for the marketers. Certain advertisements fail to bring profits for the marketers in view of any of the following causes:

Causes for failure of Advertisement
Causes for failure of Advertisement

1. Tall claims

If the claim made by the marketer in his advertisement is found to be untrue or exaggerated, such an advertisement will certainly be a failure.

2. Inherent product defects

If there are certain inherent defects in the product advertised, what advertisement can do in its marketing is nothing. It is not correct to rely totally on advertisement.

3. Irregular advertising

When a new product is marketed, it is important that it is advertised continuously in all popular media. If the marketer uses advertisement only for a shorter period or uses it off and on it may not bring rewards for him.

4. Weakness in distribution

Sometimes, the positive impact created by advertisements may be nullified by a faulty distribution system. The business must be able to execute the orders promptly to satisfy the customers and remain in their good books. If it fails to do this, the advantages derived out of advertising will be lost.

5. Unimpressive appeals

The advertisement will be a failure, if the advertisement copy is not properly prepared. The subject matter of advertisement has to be carefully written by the copywriter. Otherwise, it will not create a good impact on the buyer.

6. Lack of follow-up

The advertiser has to make efforts to ascertain the effectiveness of his advertisement. His salesmen can be sent to the market where they can contact the buyers. Firsthand information can be obtained from them on the company’s advertisement.

7. Lack of change in format

People may be fed up seeing the same advertisement often. The format of advertisement needs to be changed periodically to create a better impact. The subject matter of advertisement also needs to be changed periodically. This may be necessary as certain changes might have been done in the product itself. Whenever a product is modified or altered an alteration in its advertisement is also necessary.

8. Wrong selection of Media

The advertiser has to carefully select the medium of advertisement. Certain products may be advertised in newspapers and magazines. For certain product radio or television advertisement may be more suitable. If this decision is taken hastily, advertisement may not bring the expected results.