Direct Mail Advertising | Preparation | Growth | Merits & Demerits

How is Direct Mail prepared?

A direct mail is prepared by the advertiser who knows how to prepare and present the communication to make the advertisement more effective. The producer mentions about the attributes of the product and explains the method of using it for advertising purposes. The advertiser, on the basis of the information he receives, determines the type of direct mail to be used, writes the copy, decides on the printing method, prepares the mailing list and works out mailing costs and schedules.

Direct Mail Advertising
Direct Mail Advertising – Preparation, advantages, disadvantages

Reasons for Growth of Direct Marketing

The reasons for the growth and success of direct marketing are as follows:

1. Lack of personal services in self-servicing stores and supermarkets.

2. Problems of car-parking and traffic congestion.

3. Popularity of credit cards.

4. High cost of employing sales representatives, whether in consumer or business-to-business marketing.

5. Arrival of new products or services which are sold direct.

Merits of Direct Mail Advertising

1. They are highly selective

The advertiser can cull out a few from numerous prospects and focus his message only to them. In other words, this is the best medium to contact those people who are otherwise most difficult to reach in person.

2. It has personal touch

Newspapers and magazine advertisements are generic and impersonal. However, direct mail publicity is personal and specific as it is addressed only to selected individual prospects.

3. It creates deeper impact

The prospect receives the advertising message in his own name, at his office or home and goes through it at leisure hours. The effect is bound to be deeper to go for the product. It is the best method to remind people of a product.

4. Its results are measurable

Direct advertising media results can be measured precisely. How far the advertisement has influenced the prospect can be known by the replies or from the responses received.

Demerits of Direct Mail Advertising

1. It suffers from high cost

The cost of direct mail per recipient works out much higher than advertising in mass media like newspapers, magazines, radio and television as it is sent only to a selected few.

2. It has low reader interest

Much of the material sent to the prospects is cast aside as they regard such mail as sheer junk.

3. It warrants a specialized skill

Most of the advertisers feel discouraged to use this media as it warrants a highly specialized skill in preparation. The advertisers may not have the perfect knowledge of the materials to be used, extent of response, postal regulations, its cost in terms of money and time.

4. Frequent change of address

Prospects may change their addresses frequently. Hence, updating the mailing list becomes a difficult and time consuming exercise.