Advantages or Benefits of Salesmanship

Salesmanship is of utmost importance in the modern business world. It is helpful to the producers, distributors, the customers, the community and the salesmen himself. Its benefits or advantages to the various sections of the society are discussed below:

Advantages or benefits of Salesmanship
Advantages or benefits of Salesmanship

Advantages of Salesmanship to the Producers

1. It creates demand for the new products introduced by the producers.

2. It maintains the demand for the existing products.

3. It extends the demand for the existing products.

4. It builds up for the producers, a growing list of satisfied customers, and thereby secures permanent customers for them.

5. It builds up goodwill or reputation for the producers.

6. It contributes to large-scale distribution and thereby encourages large-scale production.

7. By contributing to mass production, salesmanship has helped to bring down the cost of production per unit.

8. By encouraging sales, salesmanship has helped to bring down the marketing costs per unit.

9. It increases the stock turnover rate of the producers and thereby eliminates or minimizes the risks or chances of economic stagnation.

10. It acts as “the eyes and ears of the manufacturers“. That is, it makes a study of the tastes and preferences of the customers, brings their preferences to the notice of the producers and enables the producers to reschedule their production, according to the needs of the consumers.

11. It completes the task of demand creation set in motion by advertising. In other words, it supplements advertising in the task of demand creation.

12. It gives personal touch to the impersonal appeal made by the producers through advertising.

Advantages of Salesmanship to the Distributors

1. It brings to the notice of the distributors the new products introduced into the market by the producer.

2. It creates demand for the goods dealt by the distributors.

3. It makes the work of distribution of goods easy for the distributors.

4. It helps in the quick disposal of goods by the distributors and thereby increases the rate of stock turnover.

5. It also brings to the notice of the distributors the suggestions, opinions and the criticisms of the consumers and thereby enables the distributors to adjust their business and sales policies.

Advantages of Salesmanship to the Consumers

1. It educates the customers by informing them about the new products, their features and their uses.

2. It helps the consumers in selecting the goods best suited to their requirements, tastes and purse, as true salesmanship implies helping the consumers in buying what they really require.

3. It helps the consumers to consume goods of diverse makes and quality.

By encouraging mass production and mass distribution and thereby reducing the cost of production and marketing, it contributes to reduction in the selling prices of goods, which is of immense help to the consumers.

5. It ensures that the consumers get full worth of the money which they spend on the products.

6. It also assures after-sales service to the customers in the case of products like refrigerators, television, etc.

Benefits of Salesmanship to the Society or Community

1. It helps in increasing the supply of goods to the society.

2. By contributing to increased sales and production, it brings about an increase in the level of employment and higher income to the society. Further, salesmanship itself directly absorbs a large number of people.

3. It creates demand for articles of comfort and luxury and thereby raises the standard of living of the society.

4. It helps to maintain equilibrium between the demand and supply of a product and thereby reduces the fluctuations in the prices and maintains the stability of prices.

Advantages of Salesmanship to the Salesman

1. It offers a lucrative i.e., profitable career to smart and ambitious young men and women.

2. It provides the salesmen with an the opportunity of learning the art of salesmanship. This knowledge will be helpful to them in future.

3. Salesmen develop acquaintance with men of influence. This helps them to better their prospects in life.

4. Salesmen have the satisfaction of helping the sellers to get reasonable profits on their sales.

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