Stages involved in Salesperson Selection process

Stages in selection of Salesperson

Once the source of recruitment has been decided, the next step is to solicit applications from eligible candidates. The following stages are normally involved in the selection of the candidates:

Selection of Salesperson - Stages involved in selection process
Selection of Salesperson – Stages involved in selection process

1. Receiving applications from Salesperson

Applications are received from eligible candidates for the salesperson job. The candidates might have been asked to send their applications in a plain paper along with their bio-data.

Some organizations make available what are called ‘Application Blanks’, which may be obtained on payment of the prescribed fee. Unlike the application form, which is prepared by the candidate himself in a plain paper, the application blank made available by the employer, has certain advantages. These are:

Advantages of Application blanks

1. Application Blanks contains fixed data pertaining to the name of the candidate, his qualification, address, etc., and the candidate has to just fill it up.

2. It ensures uniformity.

3. Application blanks facilitates quick processing of applications.

4. The employer can get all the necessary information, he wants, from the candidates. A candidate submitting his application in a plain paper will only state his plus points. For example, if he has secured only third class in his degree he may not mention it.

2. Scrutinizing Applications of Salespersons

The applications received from all the candidates for the salesperson job will then have to be processed. Incomplete applications will be set aside. Applications of those candidates who fail to fulfill the eligibility criteria will be not be accepted for the salesperson job.

3. Written test for Salespersons

All the eligible candidates for the salesperson job may then be called for a written test. The test paper usually contains two parts, objective and descriptive questions. The objective questions may test the candidate’s knowledge of English, mathematics and also his level of general knowledge.

The descriptive part will test the candidate’s ability to draft a letter and prepare a general essay.

4. Interview of Salesperson

The candidates who have been successful in the written test during he salesperson selection process will then be called for an interview. Interview is a face-to-face oral examination of the candidate. The candidate may be asked questions on a wide range of subjects like politics, sports, marketing, banking and so on.

The objective of interview is to test the candidate’s ability to face a panel of experts and communicate his ideas. The interview will help the employer to know whether the candidate is a shy person or is bold enough to undertake any assignment. The candidates, who are going to be selected as salesperson, shall possess good communication ability.

5. Checking references of Salespersons

Applicants for jobs of salesperson are usually asked to give the names of a couple of eminent persons in their applications. Such persons, who are called referees, may be contacted by the employer to know the conduct and character of the candidate.

6. Medical examination for Salespersons

Successful candidates for the salesperson job shall be medically examined to find out whether they are physically fit. The candidate’s height, weight, eyesight, etc., are checked. Physical fitness is important for any kind of job. It is even more important for a salesperson as he has to undertake lot of traveling.

7. Appointment of Salespersons

Candidates found to be medically fit may be appointed on probation for the salesperson job. Probation is the initial training period during which the salesperson has to learn his work and also perform to the satisfaction of the employer.

The period of probation may vary from six months to two years. Only those salespersons, who have lived up to the expectations of the employer, during the period of probation, will be retained. During probation, the salesperson usually gets a consolidated salary. He will be put on scale of pay only on confirmation of his service.