Window & Interior Display Advertising | How to Arrange | Advantages

What is Window display (outside display)?

Window display induces persons to enter into the shop. It arouses the interest of passers-by and kindles a desire to buy the product on display.

Window display and Interior Display Advertising
Window display and Interior Display Advertising

Window display advertising relates to systematic arrangement of articles in such away that they attract the attention of those who pass-by. Articles in cartons, distinctive jar, bottles and packages are displayed by the window.

Points to be considered in arranging window display

For arranging window display, the following points should be considered.

1. The window chosen for window display should be attractive. It should attract prospects to step into the shop.

2. The space available in the window should be adequate for effective display of products.

3. Window display should be clearly visible and colorful

4. A particular display should not be exhibited for a long period. It should be frequently changed so as to create interest of the passer-by.

5. Window display should stimulate attention, desire and action of the prospects.

6. Timeliness of display of goods is important. Products which are bought more during a particular season should be kept in a window display. For example, there is no use displaying rain coats in summer.

7. The window should not be clattered with several products.

Merits of window display advertising

1. Window display promotes the sale of the displayed product.

2. By displaying the product, window display acts as a selling point.

3. The dealer’s time and money is saved from canvassing for the goods when he goes for window display.

4. Products well displayed build the image of the shop.

5. It enhances of the status of the shop.

6. Window display is an indispensable part of retailing business.

Interior display advertising

While window display is arranged outside, interior display is done inside the shop. Products placed in interior display are often kept within the easy reach of the buyers.

Advantages of Interior display advertising

Interior display offers the following advantages:

1. Interior display saves a substantial part of selling effort. By looking at an interior display, buyers get to know more information about the product.

2. Interior display helps to sell allied products.

3. The interiors of the shop becomes quite attractive.

4. Interior display is flexible. It can be changed according to the requirements of the seller.