Who are Fixed shop retailers? 4 types of Fixed shop retailers

Who are Fixed Shop Retailers

Retailers who have a fixed shop and have a permanent place for business are called fixed shop retailers. There are 4 types of fixed shop retailers. They are street stall holders, Second-hand goods dealers, Specialty shops; and General shops.

Fixed shop retailing - Meaning, types
Fixed shop retailing – Meaning, types

Types of Fixed Shop Retailers

1. Street stallholders

Street stallholders put up their stalls where there is heavy pedestrian movement. Having selected a location with utmost care, they retain that place of business. It becomes a permanent place of business for them. They get their supplies from wholesalers and suppliers operating in their area.

The street stallholders deal in varieties of goods like pen, torch lights, nail cutters, time pieces, socks, belts, locks, small tools, etc. They display the goods in such a way that they attract the attention of customers. They also decorate their shops to some extent.

2. Second hand goods dealers

These retailers sell second hand goods such as books, furniture, television sets, radios, cloth, etc. Customers who cannot afford to buy new goods at market price buy second hand goods at cheaper prices. Second goods dealers do not give any guarantee for the goods they sell. Moore Market in Madras is quite famous for buying second-hand goods.

3. Specialty shops

Specialty shops deal in a particular variety of goods. They sell only one line of goods — books, leather goods, toys, watches, electronic goods, furniture, kitchen articles, etc. Customers while buying from specialty shops enjoy a wide choice of goods.

4. General shops

General shops sell goods that are required for day-to-day use. General shops deal in a wide assortment of goods such as gift articles, biscuits, plastics, foot wear, flasks, soap, oil, etc. General shops employ sales persons who are well trained in selling.

General shops are located where people find shopping convenient. Customers buy from general shops for their monthly requirements. Sometimes, they are given credit facility and free home delivery too.