Factors to be considered in export packaging design

Important factors to be considered in design of export packaging

There are certain special factors to be considered in export packaging design. These factors relate to

Factors to be considered in export packaging design
Factors to be considered in export packaging design
  1. Language
  2. Regulations in the foreign countries,
  3. Buyer’s Specifications,
  4. Length of the distribution channel,
  5. Environmental factors,
  6. Disposability; and
  7. Size

1. Language

A package does promotion functions too. The literature printed on the package material must be in local language. Then only a majority of the users can understand the product information the package label bears. Thus, language is one of the important considerations to be borne in mind while designing export packaging

2. Regulations in the foreign countries

Packaging is subject to government regulations in foreign countries. Packaging standards are specified for certain commodities. If packaging does not comply with foreign regulations, it may attract punitive action.

3. Buyer’s specifications

Sometimes, buyers specify their requirements with regard to packaging. They may like to purchase the product in a specific form which may be convenient to them. When the package is in the form of a tube rather than a jar, it would be easy for the buyers to handle the package of the product till it is used up.

4. Length of the distribution channel

Channel distribution is the pathway of reaching goods to the ultimate consumers. A lengthy distribution channel involves too many middlemen taking a longer time between production and final consumption. Then the package must endure the rigors of travel and handling in the long distribution channel. Stronger packaging is preferred in such cases.

Depending upon the time factor involved in the distribution channel, packaging must be designed. A package should be capable of withstanding the stresses of handling in transport and storage.

5. Environmental factors

Environmental factors like weather and climatic conditions greatly influence the package design. A tropical country requires different packaging than for a country with cold climate.

6. Disposability of packages

Generally, consumers in developed countries prefer disposable containers. If the package is disposable immediately after use, then due care must be given to the package material. The package material should not cause environmental hazards. It would be better if the material could be recycled.

7. Size of package

The size of the package is one of the important considerations in designing packages. It depends upon the buying characteristics of consumers. If buyers purchase regularly at short intervals, then the size of the package can be small. On the other hand, buyers with freezers at home may prefer big packages.