Steps in installing (or) Planning the filing system

The objectives of filing and the nature of documents are taken into account while installing filing system. The following steps are involved in installing a good filing system.

Steps in installing or planning the filing system

1. Preparation of List of Documents: A list of all documents and papers to be filed is prepared. The list is prepared according to the needs and policy of the concerned business organization. Generally, the list contains the documents to be filed which are required in future reference.

2. Decide Period of Storage: The period of storage of documents should be decided by the top management after consulting all the departmental heads.

3. Decide Storage Space and Acquire: The need of storage space is decided by the office manager. Keeping in view of volume of documents to be filed, adequate funds may be allocated to acquire needed storage space.

4. Filling Department Layout: The layout of the filing is prepared in such a way that the documents are accessible in an easily manner. The storage arrangement should be decided on the basis of the frequency use of the documents.

5. Deciding Filing Equipment: Various types of filing equipment can be procured to preserve different kinds of documents. The nature and importance of documents are taken into account to select filing equipment. Fireproof filing equipment should be purchased to preserve valuable documents and confidential records. The routine types of records are preserved in an open shelf.

6. Determining System of Classification: A suitable system should be selected for the classification of records.

7. Protection of Records: Proper arrangements should be made in order to protect the records form loss or damage.

8. Training of Staff: Adequate training should be imparted to office staff for handling various filing operations. There must be a clear definition of duties and responsibilities of staff members of filing department.

9. Issuing Procedure: No admission without permission principle is followed to enter into the filing department. Besides, the files should be issued only to the authorized persons. A separate register is maintained to record the issues and receipts of all files.