Importance and Advantages of Quality Control System

The programme of quality control is advantageous to both producers and consumers. On one hand, a quality product will satisfy the customers’ needs and consequently the demand of the product will increase resulting in large-scale production. On the other hand, the goodwill of the firm increases as a producer of a quality goods. The importance of quality control lies in the following facts.

Importance and Advantages of Quality Control System
Importance and Advantages of Quality Control System

Importance and Advantages of Quality Control System

1. Reduction in Costs

An efficient quality control system reduces the cost of production of the product due to

  • reduction in wastage of raw-materials, semi-finished and finished goods,
  • large-scale production of standard quality product and
  • rework cost of the substandard goods is minimum.

2. Improvement in the Morale of Employees

By quality control programme, the employees become quality conscious. They understand the standards of the product well and try to improve them and produce quality goods to the best of their efforts. Thus, it improves the morale of the employees.

3. Maximum Utilization of Resources

By establishing the quality control system, the necessary control over the machines, equipment, men and materials and all other resources of the company is exercised. The system will also control the misuse of facilities, wastage of all types and low standard production. Thus, the resources of the organization are put to maximum use.

4. Increase in Sales

Increase in sales of the product is the main objective of the quality control system. By introducing quality control programme in manufacturing process, a quality product is made available to the consumers and that too at lower rates because of lower cost of production. It, in turn increases the demand of company product.

5. Consumers’ Satisfaction

Consumers always get quality products of standard specifications to their utmost satisfaction.

6. Minimize Variations

It is a well-known fact that some variations are bound to exist in the nature of production in spite of careful planning. The magnitude of variations depends upon the production process, namely, machines, materials, operations, etc. The techniques of quality control help in the study of these variations in quality of the product and serves as a useful tool for the solution of many manufacturing problems which cannot be solved so well by any other method.

Thus, quality control is an important technique in the hands of management to maintain the quality of the product.