Guidelines for effective sales presentation in services

Sales presentation becomes effective when the following guidelines are followed.

Guidelines for effective sales presentation in services

1. Identifying buyer needs and expectations, applying technical and professional skills and eliciting positive response from customers.

2. Facilitating quality assessment by customers of service offerings by establishing standards of expected performance.

3. Educating buyers on alternate service offerings; educating the buyers on differential advantage of the service.

4. Making services tangible by associating services with physical evidences.

5. Encouraging customers to involve in a word of mouth campaign; building and managing favorable publicity for the service company.

6. Sensitizing all contact personnel to their role in creating customer satisfaction, minimizing the total number of people interacting with each specific customer.

7. Recognizing and encouraging customer participation in the service design process.

8. Listening to customer’s words and identifying customer needs.

9. Linking service features to benefits and helping customers perceive the value of service.

10. Reducing the usage of complex information and giving detailed answer for specific questions.

11. Allowing potential customers to balance the overall costs with overall benefits of services.

12. Being well versed in areas relevant to services with which sales persons can win the confidence of customers.

13. Promising what sales persons can fulfill and not offering what cannot be delivered by the service. Excess promising may increase short-term sales but it will harm the long-term relationship with customers.

Thus, in service marketing personal selling is an indispensable element of communication mix.