Factors to be considered in forms designing

Factors to be considered in forms designing

Form design in affected by some factors. These factors should be borne in mind while designing the forms.

1. Suitable for the Purpose: Easy clerical operation is the main purpose of designing an office form. At the same time, if a blank sheet of paper is enough to serve the purpose, there is no need of preparing or designing any printed form. Therefore, form should be designed in such a way that they are suitable for the purpose for which they are meant.

2. Ease in Use: The forms should be designed that they are easy to use. If a form is filled up with the help of a typewriter, adequate space is provided according to the typewriter. Likewise, a form is filled up with the help of accounting machine or computer; forms have to be designed accordingly. Besides, spacing between lines is also properly provided.

3. Simple Design: Simple form facilitates the user in use and requires less time in completion. Simple design means providing clear column, headings, concise and clear instruction for use and adequate space for numbering. Besides, frequently required information should be placed in such a position on the form, which can be readily accessible by the reader.

4. Size of the Form: The size of the form depends upon the purpose for which the forms are meant. The office manager should consider the following points while deciding size of the form.

  1. Size of the column permits entries to be made
  2. Description of data or information is entered at the top of the form and the space needed for it.

5. Title of Form and Number: The title of the form and number should be printed at the top of the form. The title should be short and simple. Both title and number help the storekeeper to store the forms properly.

6. Proper Printing: Forms must be printed properly. The style of letters, size of letters and the type of printing are based on the purpose of the form. The style and size of letters are in such a way that can be readable very easily. Besides, the office manager with regard to a neat and pleasing look of the office forms must take proper care

7. Use of Paper: The proper type of paper is used for printing the forms. The method of handling appearance desired, duration of keeping the forms and the impression designed (of writing, typing or printing) are the determinants of type of paper utilization.

8. Ease in Punching, Scoring and Perforation: It is very important to consider that the forms should allow the operations of punching, scoring and perforation very easily. Hence, it is necessary that the exact specification should be considered while designing them. A hand punch may be used in the office if a punching is required. Scoring facilitate the folding of paper and Perforation helps to detach them from the forms book after they are filled up.