Factors or Criteria (Principles) considered for selection of office machines

Factors or Criteria (Principles) considered for selection of office machines

The following factors or principles should be considered while selecting the office machine and equipment.

1. Office Requirements: The selection of office machines and equipment must be based on the office requirements. Every machine should be suitable.

2. Cost of Machine: The cost of benefits received from the machines should be more than the cost of the machines installed. Generally, the cost of the machine should be low.

3. Savings of Time and Energy: The purchased machines should save the time of employees and their energy also. If so, the employees can do some other work fruitfully.

4. Life of machine: The durability of the machines should be large. Short life machines should not be purchased at any cost.

5. Simple in Operation: Many machines require less skill. Besides, no machines lead to fatigue to the operators. Then, the operators may be trained effectively at less expense in short span of time.

6. Quality: The purchased machines should be of good quality. If so, the work performed by them is also of good quality.

7. Flexibility: A single machine can be used for many purposes. This will facilitate fullest use of the machine and the machine will not remain idle.

8. Operating cost: The term operating cost includes the cost of supplies, cost of repairs and maintenance expenses, and the like. A machine with lower operating costs should be preferred.

9. Portability: A portable machine is usually compact and occupies less space. It can be moved from one place to another or one user to other.

10. Service: The machines may be break down due to usage. Even though, such machines should be repaired at an early time. Besides, proper maintenance is also essential for continuous performance of office work. Hence, service facility is also considered.

11. Impact on Staff: The mechanization of office work has little impact on the staff. The existing staff may be required to get training to operate the machines and old employees may be requested to leave their job. The working place and the working atmosphere are also changed to some extent. There may be some chances in work routine.

12. Fullest Use: The amount of use of the machine in relation to its cost should be considered before purchasing any machine. The machine must be put to the fullest use. If fullest use is not possible, the purchase of machine should be avoided.

13. Style and Design: The machines and equipment should be pleasing in design and colour. The style of letters should be attractive to everyone.

14. Suppliers: The integrity and regulation of the manufacturer of machines and equipment should be carefully considered before buying any machines. The guarantee period and after sales service of each machines are enquired.

15. Standardization: Only standard machines and equipment should be purchased. If so, the following benefits are available.

  1. Less maintenance cost.
  2. Easy and economical training of operators
  3. Less depreciation
  4. Useful for longer period.