Office Mail Service | Types | Handling | Benefits | Components

What is a Mail?

Mail may be described as any written communication which passes through the messenger, courier or the post office. There is need of continuous contacts with the customers, suppliers, branches, departments, banks, financial institutions, government agencies, non — government organization, and the like.

Office mail service - Types, Handling, Benefits, Components

Office mail service – Types, Handling, Benefits, Components

The type of communication is varied on the basis of counterpart of communication. Therefore, every business office receives and sends out a large volume of correspondence on every day.

Types of Mail Service

Business mail is of three distinct types. They are listed below.

1. Incoming or inward mail.

2. Outgoing or outward mail and

3. Inter — departmental mail.

The form of these types of mails are letters, documents. packets, parcels, telegrams, orders, remittances etc. Prompt and correct handling of mail is necessary for achieving purpose of mail. Moreover, proper handling of mail increases the goodwill of the business office.

Handling of Mail Service

The existing relationship of business office with outsiders is strengthened through efficient operation or handling of mail service. Thus handling of mail is an important supplement to other office operations, viz., making original records, typing and duplicating etc. The mailing service should be planned and organized properly to ensure prompt and correct handling of mail.

Benefits of Office Mail Service

In the modern globalized business world, mail service is an integral part of office work. Hence, adequate facilities should be provided for efficient and successful performance of mail service. An efficient mailing service offers the following benefits.

1. It ensures continuous contacts with outsiders.

2. A good impression is created in the minds of outsiders and thereby improves the goodwill of the business.

3. The interdepartmental co-operation is also improved with the help of efficient mail service.

4. It helps the business office in the creation of correspondence and record keeping of all the departments.

5. It helps to reduce the cost of the mailing service.

6. The new employee of business office gets training very easily and makes them familiar with the organizational set up, work routine, authority and responsibility, organization structure and the like of the firm.

Components of Mail Service

The mailing service should be planned and organized properly in order to ensure prompt and efficient handling of mailing service. The following elements are included in the efficient mailing service

1. Adequate facilities are provided for the mail service.

2. Creation and organization of mailing department correctly.

3. Arrangements made with post office.

4. Establishing inward and outward mail procedure.

5. Mechanization of mail service.

6. Supervision of mail service.