Contents of an Office Manual

Generally, an office manual contains the following information.

Contents of an Office Manual

1. Name, address, telephone number, fax and e-mail address of the organization. If the organization has branches, the address, telephone number, fax and e-mail address of the branches are also given in the office manual.

2. The nature of the business carried on by the company and its organizational structure.

3. The names and address of the key executives with their phone number of office and residential and their cell number.

4. List of the products manufactured by the concern.

5. Office rules and regulation like office hours, salary structure, tea time, lunch time, pay days, leave rules, permission, medical benefits, vacation and holiday arrangements, promotions, transfers, accidents, compensation, training, pay cut, disciplinary action, retirement, suspension, dismissal, retrenchment, maternity leave, lay off etc.

6. Structure of authority and responsibility relationship in the organization.

7. Office facilities like rest room, clock room, lunch room, canteen facilities, visitors room, recreation facilities, reading room, toilets, dispensaries, trans~rt facilities, telephone facilities, supplies on cooperative basis etc.

8. Purposes of the each manual separately

9. Safety instructions to be followed in the case of fine, accident, serious illness or any other emergency.

10. The name and address of the male and female doctors and nurse who are rendering service on behalf of them are also mentioned. Their phone numbers and cell numbers are also mentioned.

11. Organizational policies framed by the top management. Policy covers credit sales, discount, training and development of employees, selection of advertisement media, selection of employees, overtime and the like.

12. Relationship among different departments and individuals.

13. The basic functions of each job in terms of the authority and responsibility attached to it.

14. Details of bonus, incentive schemes, loans and advances, grievance handling procedures and attendance procedures.

15. Procedures to be followed for buying furniture and stationary and other materials, repairs and maintenance of of6ce equipment.

16. Instructions relating to the performance of repetitive work.

17. Instructions relating to the performance of non-repetitive work.

18. Specimen of leave letter form, permission form, authorization form of receiving salary and the like.