Classification of Consumers on the basis of Age & Sex | How to deal with them?

Classification of Consumers on the Basis of Sex

Customers may be classified on the basis of sex; namely Male Consumer and Female Consumer.

Male and Female Consumers
Male and Female Consumers

1. Male Consumers

Male customers are generally experienced and learned. They are not interested in shopping for longer periods. They get bored if they are compelled to stay. As such they take quick buying decisions. They generally do not bother for bargaining as they are more time-conscious. They also avoid unnecessary talk with the salesman.

Male consumers are usually interested in quality and long lasting goods. In many cases it has been found that male consumers never go for the latest fashion. However, they always try to be innovative by trying out new products and finding new methods of using them.

How to deal with Male Consumers?

It is very easy to handle the male customers as they need less explanation about the products. The salesman should possess adequate product knowledge to convince such customers. The salesman should pay great attention to the quality and durability of goods. He should attend them quickly and avoid unnecessary sales talk. New products should be shown to them.

2. Female Consumers

There are certain peculiar characteristics of women customers. They are generally interested in the latest fashion, design, style, colour, etc. They take more time to select an article and do not believe the salesman easily.

Female consumers prefer bargaining and make their own judgement about the product. They tend to bargain by visiting different shops. They often pose vague and unnecessary questions. They are generally price conscious and status conscious. They want to look superior in comparison with others and enjoy variety. They prefer good quality articles at cheap prices.

How to deal with them Female Consumers?

While dealing with women customers, the salesman must be very patient and very careful about his manners. He must greet them respectfully. Women customers want to be treated specially and a salesman should be well aware of their characteristics in order to deal with them properly.

The salesperson should avoid discussing technical details of the product with them. As they are fond of examining the articles minutely, salesman should allow them to touch and handle the product. Phrases like

  • You get more for your money‘,
  • This product saves you money‘.
  • This is more economical

should be cleverly used by the salesman.

The salesman should point out discount, free gifts, prizes, etc., attached to the product. He should not try to hurry female customers in arriving at a decision and they dislike leaving the shop without purchasing anything.

The selling points should be used cleverly and tactfully, i.e., along with the goods, customers are also praised and flattered.

Classification of Consumers On the Basis of Age

The age of the customers also influences their buying decisions. On the basis of age, customers can be classified into four categories children, youngsters, middle-aged and elderly.

1. Child Consumer

Child Consumer
Child Consumer

Children generally buy their requirements like books, pencils, pens, colour-box, sweets, biscuits, toys, toffees, etc. They also often purchase grocery items for the family. The generally lack previous experience in buying articles. They are easy type of customers. They do not argue because of innocence and age. However, at times they bargain but never insist much on that.

How to deal with Child Consumers?

It is easy to deal with children. The salesman should behave with children properly and talk sweetly. Once they are satisfied with the shop and the salesmen, they come regularly to the shop.

Small children always like to be treated as grown up persons. The salesman should be aware of this factor and never try to mislead them while transacting.

2. Young Consumers

Young Consumer
Young Consumer

Young consumers are generally impatient as well as smart. They generally want to enjoy life by purchasing the most up-to-date and fashionable commodities. Because of their impatience, they get irritated soon. As such they take quick decisions in purchases. They are very particular about fashion, latest design and colour. They lack experience in purchasing articles and are also not argumentative.

How to deal with Young Consumers?

The salesman dealing with young customers must be friendly. Any intelligent salesman can deal with them easily. These customers should be provided with the latest designs and colours to make a choice. The salesman should be friendly, talk humorously. However, he should never offend and irritate them.

3. Middle-Aged Consumers

Middle Aged Consumers
Middle Aged Consumers

The middle-aged customers are responsible family members earning a considerable income and having a status in the society. These types of customers are generally proud of their achievements, possession and position. Such customers, because of their age and experience are proud of themselves. They are very much conscious about the quality but not about fashion.

How to deal with Middle-aged Consumers?

The salesman should be very clever and tactful while dealing with middle-aged customers. The salesman should never try to bluff them about the quality and price of goods. The salesman should compliment them for their achievements and status in the society. The salesman must emphasize on buying motives like pride, possession, and profit to win over the customers.

4. Elderly Consumer

Elderly Consumer
Elderly Consumer

Elderly and old aged customers generally are experienced in buying goods. These customers are serious and cautious in money matters. They do not like to be advised by the salesman. They feel proud if they are given respect and consulted. They like to be appreciated for their experience and wisdom.

Some of elderly people may be physically handicapped like hard of hearing, unable to talk clearly, feeble eyesight, etc., due to old age. Some elderly people like to look younger than what they are.

How to deal with Elderly Consumers?

Its not easy to satisfy Elderly customers. The salesman should appreciate their wisdom and experience. He should try to give as much respect as he can and try to seek advice in order to please them. They are very sensitive and, therefore, the salesman should be very cautious in his approach. The salesman has to talk about every detail of the goods to these customers and therefore, the sale takes a long time.