What are the types of mutual funds

Types of mutual funds

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Types of mutual funds

Mutual funds are of various types such as Open-ended mutual funds, Close-ended mutual funds, Growth-oriented funds, Income-oriented funds, Specialized funds, Domestic funds, Off-shore funds etc. Lets have a look at some of these types.

1. Open-ended mutual fund

Open ended type of mutual funds sells units to public. These mutual funds can also repurchase the units. There is no fixed maturity period for the open ended type mutual funds. When the Initial public offer period is over, it is opened again for another period of 30 days as an open-ended scheme from the date of closure of the IPO. The units are available for investors for repurchasing at NAV or net value related prices, as decided by the mutual fund.

Example: Unit Trust of India’s Growth sector funds.

Net Asset Value (NAV):

The net asset value is asset-liabilities on the day of valuation.

NAV = Net asset of the scheme / Number of units outstanding

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2. Close ended mutual funds

A close ended mutual fund is open for a fixed period and whatever money invested forms the basis for investment in various securities. Close ended types have fixed maturity period anywhere from 2 to 15 years. One can invest in the scheme at the time of initial issue as it is open for a maximum period of 45 days. Thereafter, these schemes cannot issue new units. The investors cannot buy units directly from the mutual fund agency when the period of issue is over.

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3. Growth-oriented mutual funds

It has the object of capital appreciation through investment in equity shares. Normally, investment is done in equity shares of such companies which have high growth potential.

Examples: Software companies, petrol chemical companies and MNCs will come under this category.

4. Income -oriented mutual funds

The main object of this type of fund is to provide regular income to the investor. So, the mutual fund would wish to invest the public money raised in bonds, debentures and other debt related instruments. In some cases, they may even invest in equity shares of companies with high dividend pay outs.

Example: VTI’s Monthly income fund.

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5. Specialized mutual fund

Here, the mutual fund will be investing the money of the investors in a particular industry such as steel, or petroleum so that such industries will grow rapidly.

6. Domestic mutual fund

When the mutual fund mobilize savings from a particular geographic location like a country or region, it is known as domestic mutual fund. Example: UTI Mutual fund, LIC Mutual Fund and SBI Mutual Fund, etc.

7. Off shore mutual fund

The objective of launching off-shore mutual fund is to attract foreign capital for investment in the country of the issuing company. Due to these mutual funds, there is cross border fund flow. Off-shore mutual funds open up the capital market to the foreign investors and to global portfolio investments.