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What is Line Branding strategy?

Under line branding strategy, complementary products combine to form a complete whole with a common concept. For example, Lakme appeals to beauty concept by offering products as complementary which enhance beauty like, lipsticks, body lotion, eye make up, cleansing lotion, nail enamels etc. The brand appeals to a well defined segment of the market who acknowledge its worthiness and like the brand concept. They go hand in hand with the brand concept or application.

Generally, line brands start with a product but later extend to other complementary products. Complementary products combine to form a complete whole. The products in the line draw their identity from the main brand. They enhance the brand by reinforcing each other. Line branding strategy improves the brand’s marketing power when marketed under a common brand.

Merits of line branding

1. A well cultivated brand can be extended to include a host of related products under a common concept.

2. It fulfills all complementary needs that surrounded a basic need.

3. Marketing products as a line under a common brand improves the brand’s marketing power rather than selling as individual brands.

4. The firm promotes the main product and its concept. Complementary products do not require additional investment. So, the brand could be extended without much costs.

5. Line brands as a complete team reinforce and strengthen the brand concept among its users.

Demerits of line branding

Under line branding, the extension of brands does not cost much. So, the firms may be tempted to launch unwanted products. This may potentially weaken the brand instead of strengthening it.

1. This strategy looks to target the customer rather than market penetration.

2. As the launch of complementary products is easy, marketers may be tempted to launch too many related products. This may ultimately result in over extension of the line.

3. Over extension of the line may potentially weaken the brand instead of strengthening it.

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