Stationery and Office Supplies | Need | Factors to be considered before purchasing

 Stationery and office supplies

Every office work is performed with the help of office stationery and forms. These are also known as “Office Supplies.” In modern office, computer is also used to reduce the need and importance of office stationery and forms. Even though, office supplies are treated as an integral part of any office organization.

Office Supply and Stationery - Need, Points to be considered before purchasing

Image: Office Supply and Stationery – Need, Points to be considered before purchasing

There is no possibility of elimination of 100 percent office stationery and forms by the application of computers. Hence, adequate attention should be paid with regard to the use of office stationery and forms. Cost of stationery may account for up to 30 percent of non-salary expenditure.

Need for office supplies and Stationery

Office stationery and forms occupies a significant place in office management from cost point of view. Generally, the value of office stationery and forms is very small but used regularly in any office. These includes paper, envelope, latter heads, paper pads, printed forms, rubber, carbon papers, ink, stencil, typewriter ribbons, pencils, correcting fluid, pens, gums, stamp pad, pins, duplicating paper, paper weight, file covers, duplicating ink, tag, clips, sealing wax, glue, and the like.

The effectiveness and efficiency of the office is based on the adequate availability of office stationery and forms. Every office staff must be provided with the best tools of right type in order to enable them to produce the best possible results.

A separate person is appointed to store the stationery and forms and issue the same to the office employees. He has to determine the standards of supplies, purchase of supplies, storage of supplies; departmental control over supplies etc. Each of the stationery is manufactured by-different firms in different qualities. Each of the stationery is procured according to the needs of an office.

Factors to be considered before purchasing office stationery

The office manager or a responsible person has to decide about the quality, types, and needs of stationery before purchasing office stationery. Besides, the following points have to be considered while deciding the stationery.

1. Standard: Separate standard is followed for each type of stationery. There is no link of standard with cost. Only utility is taken into account while deciding the standard.

2. Suitability: The stationery should be capable of satisfying the needs of the office and well suited for-the purpose for which they are purchased.

3. Cost: Clerical operations cannot be carried out in the absence of stationery. Even though, the cost of stationery should not exceed 40% to 50% of the non-salary expenditure.

4. Goodwill: The letters must give a good impression to the recipient. They create goodwill for the firm.

5. Durability: Cheaper quality stationery has a shorter life. The papers are kept for long period and used as documentary evidence. Hence, superior quality stationery should be used for important matters.

6. Preservation: The carbon copy of the letter is preserved for future reference. Hence, the letter appears on the carbon.

7. Performance: A specified brand of stationery has to be used continuously until the stage of availability of satisfaction. If not so, it has to be substituted by another brand.

8. Quality: Stationery has short life if ordinary quality is purchased. The stationery of superior quality will be profitable since it may go for double the time of ordinary quality and incurred low expenses.