Purchasing procedure for office stationery | 15 Points Guidelines

Purchasing procedure for office stationery

Generally, the office manager has to purchase the stationery and supplies. There may be centralized purchasing system or decentralized purchasing system. Even though, there is a standard purchasing procedure. The common purchasing procedure for stationery is given below.

1. The user departments or sections have given purchase requisitions.

2. Sometimes, the storekeeper may inform the purchase officer to buy the stationery items, which have reached the minimum level.

3. The purchase officer may place the order by considering the rate of use of stationery and the balance of stock in hand.

4. Re-order quantity is taken into account for placing an order.

5. The purchase officer has to consider offer, discount, price, after sales service, quality, design and the like.

6. The purchase officer makes enquiries from the suppliers about the terms and conditions of supply and asks for price lists, quotations etc after deciding the type of stationary required.

7. The purchase officer has to prepare the comparative statement based on price lists, quotations and samples sent by the suppliers.

8. The purchase officer can commence negotiations with suppliers based on lowest price quoted by the supplier.

9. The supplier has decided the terms and conditions for supply of stationery items and purchasing officer, then an order has been placed with the selected supplier in a prescribed form.

10. The purchasing order contains the details like quantity, quality, rate, time of delivery, terms of payment etc.

11. The purchasing officer or the office manager may sign the order.

12. The purchase officer also takes the follow up action if there is any delay in the delivery of stationery items.

13. The purchase officer has to check up the stationery items whether they are supplied according to order or not.

14. After receiving the stationery items, entries are made in the stationery stock register under appropriate heads.

15. Then, the purchase officer has to inform the department, which requisitioned the stationery regarding receipt of the same from the supplier.

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