Selection of Office Building | Important factors to be Considered

Selection of Office Building or Space

Securing an office building or space is complicated one. The office building should not only be in proper size and shape but also proper design which is necessary to serve the needs of the particular enterprise.

Selection of Office Building - 10 Important factors to be considered
Selection of Office Building – 10 Important factors to be considered

It is very difficult to get hundred percent perfect building which is exactly suitable to the requirements of the organization. Even though, the management should try to get such a building which fulfills the requirements of an organization at the maximum. Besides, the management has to decide the need of rented or leased building or own building.

Top 10 Points or Factors in Selection of Office Building

The office building may be rented or leased or owned. Even though, the top management should consider the following factors while selecting an office building.

1. Size of Building

The size of the office building should not be adequate for the present requirements but also adequate for the future expansion. The size of office building is based on the volume and nature of transactions carried on. Hence, the size of office building vary from one office to another.

However, adequate space should be available to office staff and equipment for efficient performance of work. It is desirable to avoid unutilized space which involve the wastage of money

2. Safety of Records and Staff

The secured office building should ensure safety of records and staff also. In other words, the office building should the special features like fire proof construction, fire escapes etc.

3. Shape of Office Building

The shape of office building affects the efficiency of office employees. The shape may be square, rectangular, long, narrow or L shaped. Square or rectangular space ensures better utilization of space and efficiency of office employees is also increased in the long run.

4. Working Conditions

Good working condition must be provided for smooth functions of office. Provisions for Good water, adequate lighting and ventilation should be available. The office building should be free from dust, noise, fumes and obnoxious smells.

5. Layout with Facilities

The effective performance of office work depends not only on employees but also how they are arranged. Thus, the internal arrangement is based on the overall structure of organization, office building and the system of operation followed in an office.

The number, size and shape of rooms, the location of gang ways or stairways and other arrangements should be made with reference to the location of different departments and layout of equipment. Layout of office should be in such a way that interrelated department are continuous to each other situated on the same floor.

6. Office Fittings

The office buildings should have proper fittings of electricity, power, telephone, water connections and other fittings.

7. Staff and Customer Convenience

Adequate space should be provided for the convenience of office employees and the customers. Sales department which is mostly approached by the customers should be located in a place where easily accessed.

There should be adequate space for canteens, washrooms, clock room, rest room etc. Lifts or elevators facility should be made in an office building if departments are functioning in many floors.

8. Future Expansion

The office building should have a space for future expansion, if need arises. A provision should be made for additional floor both in the owned building and in the rented or leased building.

9. Cost of Office Building

The main determinant of office building is based on its location, size and internal arrangements. The top management should give proper balance between the requirements of office and the capacity to pay for office space. The efficiency of the performance of office work cannot be sacrificed at the cost of economy in cost of building.

10. Type of Building

The secured office building cannot be partitioned for the requirements of an organization. There should be sufficient floor space for each worker and furniture required by him. Likewise, temporary partitions cannot be removed if required.

On the basis of the forgoing analysis, the management must decide whether to buy or construct its building or to get it on rent or lease. The relative merits and demerits of owned building and rented building will help you to decide to choose the type of building for office.