Miscellaneous Reports | Meaning | Types | Contents | Explanation

What are Miscellaneous Reports?

The reports are classified as per any one of the basis which are discussed in this article: Types of Business reports in Business Communication. Some reports does not come under any basis such as

Miscellaneous Reports - Meaning, Types, Contents
Miscellaneous Reports – Meaning, Types, Contents
  1. Privileged Report,
  2. Commercial Traveler’s (or) Agent’s Report,
  3. Market Report,
  4. Progress Report,
  5. Press Report,
  6. Report of a Specialist,
  7. Feasibility (or) Possibility Report,
  8. Survey Report,
  9. Auditor’s Report, etc.

Such reports are briefly explained below.

1. Privileged Report

Some statements are included in the report which may be considered as defamatory by some person or persons. Such report is termed as privileged report. This report is based on the speeches made by an individual in a public meeting. At the same time, press reports of speeches made in private meetings, such as company meetings and containing defamatory statements, will have no “privilege”.

2. Commercial Traveler’s (or) Agent’s Report

The agents are asked to visit many places for personal contact of customers and collects the dues from them. Therefore, the agents send the report to principal within one or two days of visit. The following information are included in the agent’s report.

  1. The place and date of report.
  2. Serial Number.
  3. The name of the agent with code or identification number.
  4. Details since the last report sent.
  5. Total amount collected with date-wise.
  6. Total amount collected with customer wise.
  7. Unpaid party’s name so as to check further flow of goods to such customer.
  8. Credit worthiness or financial status of new customer who is seeking supply of goods on credit basis.
  9. Agent’s own views over the general prospects of business.

3. Market Reports

The market condition in any one of the area or the market condition of any one of the product throughout the country is presented in a report i.e. market report. The market report may either be a daily or a weekly one or may be for a longer period. The market report is not only useful to the sellers but also highly useful to the buyers, manufacturers, traders, speculators. The reason is that the market report indicates the trends of market condition and prospects for the product(s).

Contents of a Market Report

The followings are the contents of the market report.

  1. Headline of the report i.e. subject matter.
  2. Date of the report.
  3. Basic information of the product(s) or background of the area along with current movement of the market.
  4. Demand and supply of the product and price movement by considering demand and supply.
  5. Consumer behavior or preferences of the product(s).
  6. Expectation of the Consumers.
  7. Causes for the price changes other than demand and supply.
  8. Prospects of future market with a conclusion.

4. Progress Report

The growth of a business is presented in a report form by comparing two different periods i.e. Progress Report. Based on the progress, the top management can take a quality decision for faster growth in the days to come.

5. Press Report

The performance of the company for a particular period is presented in the annual general meeting. Such a presentation is to be published in a press by way of preparing a report i.e. Press Report. The main aim of the press report is to convey the activities of the company among the public. Press report will in the nature of an essay.

The followings are the contents of the press report:

  1. The head line.
  2. The place and date of report.
  3. Brief introduction about the main contents of the subject matter.
  4. Important matters are given in paragraph-wise.
  5. Concluding paragraph.

6. Report of a Specialist

A report is prepared and submitted by a specialist like Consulting Engineer, Management Consultant, Marketing Researcher etc. before the top management. In this report, the specialist first refers to the appointing authority, the date of appointment and the nature of the problem involved. Besides, the report contains the causes of the problems, findings and recommendations.

7. Feasibility (or) Possibility Report

A company can open a new branch or introduce a new type of product or introduce new technology in the production process, it needs a feasibility report. The report contains the information like population details, behavior, attitude and culture of the area people, existing business environment, expectation of the prospective customers etc in the case of opening a new branch.

8. Survey Report

A fire may be occurred in the factory premises. Most of the companies are taking fire insurance policy claim towards loss of stock and loss of profit. In this case, the insurance company appoints a qualified and licensed surveyor when the intimation of fire accident is received from the business organization.

When, the surveyor visits the fire accident place and inspects the property, studies the terms of the policies, assess the damages and suggests the compensation payable in his report. This report is called survey report. The same type of practice is followed in the case of marine insurance policy also.

9. Auditor’s Report

The financial transactions of a company are verified and a report on this is submitted by the auditor at the end of accounting year as per the provisions of Indian Companies Act 1956. Auditor(s) express his/their views over the working of the company and financial implications in a report. Such a report is termed as Auditor’s Report.

A copy of Auditor’s report is sent to the shareholders and other interested parties of the company before conducting annual general meeting along with Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet.