Methods of Increasing Morale of Employees

Milton J. Blum suggests four methods to increase employees morale such as Expert method, Industrial spy approach method, Industrial counselor method and Employees problem approach methods. An organization may adopt various ways to measure the morale of employees in order to find a solution to increase overall morale of employees, which in turn increases productivity.

Methods of Increasing Employees morale

The following are the methods of Increasing morale of employees:

1. Expert Approach method: The basic feature of this approach is the use of an expert in making a spot survey. He tours the plant, talks to the key people and writes a report to the management in which he gives advice about the measures to boost the morale.

2. Industrial Spy Approach method: Under this method, an expert whose true identity is unknown to the employees is given a job in a plant under the guise of a worker. He should mingle with the fellow workers and thus acquire intimate knowledge of the group and its complaints. Then his findings are passed on to the top management. This approach is an age old method. However, this method, is now primarily of historical interest only.

3. Industrial Counselor Method: Under this method, an industrial counselor is appointed in the personnel department. He acts as a communication channel between employees, listen their problems and pass on the information to the management. He is also helpful in promoting group co-operation.

4. Employees Problem Approach method: It is considered as the most promising method in the process of increasing the morale. This approach is basically a form of role playing. Under this method, a group meeting is called and pressing problems are presented to the employees by the discussion leader. The group leader must be well trained in the art of conducting democratic meetings. He should encourage free and frank discussion and should also assure that their views will be considered by the management. When the group reaches a decision, it will be conveyed to the top management.

These four methods of increasing employees morale differ in terms of the degree to which they have been used by industry. However, the employees problem method is widely used than the other three methods. Since this method attempts to put democracy to work, this deserves serious consideration.