Differences between coordination and cooperation

Coordination vs Cooperation

Often, the phrase coordination is confused with cooperation. But these two terms are different though there exist some relationship between them. Without co-operation, it is impossible to achieve co-ordination. Both are related to each other. The absence of one could affect the other.

Differences between Coordination and Cooperation

The main differences between these two terms are given below:

1. Co-ordination is an essential managerial function because management cannot function successfully without coordinating the functions of various departments. But co-operation is not a function of management. However, it is essential for successful co-ordination.

2. Generally in every organization, the overall tasks are segmented and then merged for which the necessity of coordination of various activities is realized. Whereas, needs for cooperation are independent of any setbacks in the structure of an organization. Co-ordination is a continuous process and needed all the time.

3. Co-operation implied collective efforts of people on voluntary basis without assigning any time or direction element. It is a voluntary and natural process. Co-ordination, on the other hand, can be achieved through concerted efforts of the management. It is a planned process and management cannot function without coordination.

4. Co-operation indicates the voluntary attitude of a group of people who have the desire to help each other. But co-ordination is a wider term and means a lot more than the willingness of a group of people.