Reliability Testing | Meaning | How to estimate reliability of system?

What is Reliability testing?

Tests to determine the ability of a product to meet the requirements of reliability, when the product is subjected to a set of physical, chemical, environmental or operating testing conditions are called reliability testing.

Reliability testing - Meaning, How to estimate reliability of a system

Reliability testing – Meaning, How to estimate reliability of a system

How are reliability measured?

A reliability testing measures both the reliability and confidence under various testing conditions. The information obtained from these tests helps to estimate the achievable reliability within the specified confidence intervals. The results are compared with the goals as a basis for taking necessary remedial actions to improve its reliability.

How to estimate reliability of system?

In order to estimate the reliability of a system, the following four stages are deemed necessary:

Stage 1

Defined objectives and reliability requirements of the product or process should take into account of the technology and engineering of materials and machines. defined objectives and requirements of reliability of the product or process, are taken into account.

Stage 2

Degradation of the product or process in components and estimation of reliability for each of the component by estimating the value of reliability of each part and component.

Stage 3

Predicting reliability of the product based on the reliability of its components, using probability theory.

Stage 4

Analysis of the product or process to determine strengths and opportunities, the analysis can be made through the SWOT matrix of the product or service, in order to take advantage of opportunities for improvement.

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