Qualities and Responsibilities of Successful e-commerce manager

 E-commerce manager is one who plans and execute a company’s overall objective for selling products/services directly through online to customers.

Qualities and Responsibilities of successful e-commerce manager

The following are some of the qualities and responsibilities of a successful e-commerce manager.

1. E-Commerce manager should have subject knowledge with regard to functioning of business in e-commerce environment.

2. He must plan and execute policies to enjoy the full benefits of e-commerce.

3. E-Commerce manager must be able to look into the compatibility of carrying transactions both in traditional and e-commerce environment.

4. E-Commerce manager is entrusted with the responsibility to ensure security for transactions carried out through online.

5. He must issue proper guidelines to his teammates as and when needed.

6. Qualities of the E-Commerce should be such that he must effectively utilize the resources and generate profit in e-commerce environment.

7. E-Commerce manager should have leadership qualities. He should provide leadership for the web site development

8. He must have the ability to correlate and coordinate company’s internal departments and web development staff.

9. He must be able to attract new customers and retain existing customers through effective e-marketing strategies.

10. It is the responsibility of the E-Commerce manager to ensure that the legal rules are strictly followed and privacy of the customers are not breached by the e-commerce plans.

11. He should recruit staff suitable for e-business.

12. E-Commerce manager should be capable of exercising control whenever e-security threats arises.

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