Limitations or Disadvantages of Office System and Routine

Limitations or disadvantages of office system and routine

There are some limitations connected with the installation of system and routine. These limitations or disadvantages of office system and routine are briefly explained below.

1. Limitation of Planning: The effective functioning of system and routine are depending upon the proper planning of the same. If there is any improper planning of system and routine, it leads to poor formulation and installation of system and routine. Hence, a system and routine are likely to fail.

2. Inflexible: Office personnel are expected to strictly adherence to a system and routine. An efficient system and routine leave something to the discretion and judgment of a person who is responsible to apply the same. But, this type of practice is not expected from the installed system and routine.

3. Defect leads more Faults and Errors: All the operations of an office are performed repeatedly as per the established system and routine. If there is any defect in designing system and routine, the resulting faults and errors will go on continuously till the defect is find out and set right.

4. Burden of Heavy Expenditure: The frequent changes are made on the established system and routine on the basis of current needs. This practice involves heavy expenditure to the organization.

5. Losing efficiency: If a system and routine are used repeatedly, they lose their efficiency to a great extent.

6. More Cost – Less Benefit: The efficiency of a system and routine are evaluated by their cost and benefit analysis. A system and routine should have a relationship less cost and more benefit. But, they are resulted in more cost and less benefit.

7. Obsolete for Long Period: A system and routine are originally framed for a specific type and volume of work. The designed system and routine may become obsolete and ineffective if the type and volume of work change.

8. Difficulty of Integration: Different systems and routines are followed in an office. These system and routines must be properly integrated to achieve the objectives. Such integration is a difficult task.