10 Most Important functions of a Group Leader

10 Most important functions of a Group Leader

A group leader undertakes the following functions:

Functions of a Group Leader
Functions of a Group Leader

1. He represents the undertaking and its purposes, ideals, philosophy and problems to those working for it and to the outside world.

2. He initiates all the measures that are necessary for the purpose of ensuring the health and progress of the undertaking in a competitive economy.

3. He administers the undertaking by arranging for the forecast, planning, organization, direction, co-ordination and control of its activities.

4. He interprets the objectives of the organization and the means to be followed to achieve them.

5. He appraises his followers, convinces them, and creates confidence among them.

6. He integrates the activities of his group, develops its team spirit and cohesiveness, and brings about unity of action and approach among its members.

7. He identifies himself with group goals. Whether or not a leader has helped to formulate goals, he must always help the group attain them.

8. He satisfies the group’s ego. The group ego develops by

  1. integrating the group’s needs and goals with the reality outside the group;
  2. satisfying interpersonal needs within the group; and
  3. creating an atmosphere free of conflict for group members.

9. When a decision cannot be reached easily in a group, the leader makes a decision, for better or worse, with group compliance. Leaders can help clarify possible alternatives of action and they can prevent a group from stalemating or turning into a debating society.

10. When groups experience internal differences, whether based on emotional or intellectual clashes, a leader can often resolve the differences. He acts as an arbitrator to prevent serious group splintering.

Infographic on Top 10 Important functions of a group leader