Advantages of Audit Programme

Advantages of Audit Programme

Advantages of Audit Programme
Image: Advantages of Audit Programme

The benefits of a well designed audit programme can be outlined as follows:

1. Assignment of responsibility is made easier since each job or portion of a job is entrusted to specific audit staff.

2. The audit staff can understand the intricacies of the audit area and this will enable them to conduct the audit successfully.

3. The extent of audit work can be estimated in advance. Hence manpower planning also becomes easier.

4. Allocation of work becomes easier. Senior audit staff can be assigned with critical audit work. Works, which need not call for much experience or professional skills, can be assigned to the junior staff.

5. The audit approach, revision plan for analytical review and coordination are facilitated.

6. The audit staff can understand the audit objectives of each audit area precisely.

7. The audit staff gets a complete picture of the whole work and the nature of evidences to be collected by them.

8. The audit evidences are clarified and so the collection of relevant evidences is made easier.

9. Programme-wise time table can be prepared keeping in view the company’s own time table and the total time available for the completion of the audit work in all respects.

10. It serves as a complete guide and as a means to control the whole work and its proper execution.

11. It is considered as reliable evidence in future if any dispute arises about the work of the auditor and he is alleged for negligence.