Advantages of a good layout

A well designed layout proves advantageous not only to those connected with the production process but also benefits the entire organization. It results in improved efficiency, reduction in manufacturing cycle time, cost reduction, increases the inventory turnover and ultimately improved customer satisfaction.

Advantages of a good layout

The following are the advantages of a well planned and designed layout:

1. In labor cost

  • Increase in productivity with more units being produced per man hour.
  • Reduction in the number of workers.
  • Minimization of motions between operations.

2. In production control

  • Increased production rate.
  • Providing convenient and adequate storage points.
  • Increased production rate.
  • Improved ability of forecasting manufacturing time.

3. In supervision

  • Lesser requirement of supervision.
  • Reduction in time spent on inspection.
  • Reduction in cost of inspection.

4. In other manufacturing costs

  • Reduced consumption of power.
  • Minimization of scrap and defectives.
  • Better quality due to reduced handling.
  • Reduced costs of maintenance.
  • Improved utilization of materials.

5. To the worker

  • Reduction in the number of handling.
  • Reduced effort, stress and strain.
  • Better safety and less chance of accidents.
  • Improved productivity leading to higher wages.
  • Increased morale and motivation.
  • Improved health and welfare.