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When was UNIDO set up?

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization was set up in January 1967 as an organ of the U.N General Assembly. Subsequently, it was transformed into a specialized U.N Agency in 1985 to make it more effective.

By facilitating mobilization of national and international resources, UNIDO promotes industrialization in developing countries. Manufacturing industries are its main focus. UNIDO works directly with governments, individual companies and business associations to solve industrial problems and equip them to become self reliant.

Services offered by UNIDO

Services offered by UNIDO range from providing simple advice and counsel to engineers to implementing global agreements on reducing greenhouse gases and industrial pollution. UNIDO helps in setting up textiles in Africa and transferring technology from one country to another.

Specialists attached to UNIDO enabled countries to build local capacity and handle their own industrial maintenance. They also helped in solving problems of waste management. Job opportunities were created. UNIDO makes available the services of experts with the right know-how.

UNIDO offers specialized services. These customized services have been easily integrated into packages that will address specific country needs. The experts of UNIDO strive to find solutions to the problems commonly faced by its members. Some problems call for the services of — UNIDO’s link with industrial associations, academic and research institutions, non-governmental organizations and other international agencies ensuring that the time and resources are not wasted by duplicating services.

UNIDO’s aim is to promote sustainable industrial development. The specialist role in the UN system is vital in the sense that industrial growth helps foster economic development which in turn improves tax revenues and makes it possible for governments to achieve lasting social advancement and poverty alleviation.

UNIDO and sustainable industrial development:

UNIDO is the developing world’s most important repository of industrial information and knowledge. UNIDO organizes international conferences, publishes manuals and helps in following the best industrial practices. It helps countries pursue sustainable industrial development.

Sustainable industrial development is balanced on three Es; Economy, Employment and Environment. UNIDO’s approach to its market, clients and customers is based on certain guiding principles related to competitive economy, productive and sound environment. Sustainable industrial development gives due importance to concerns pertaining to social and environmental consequences.

All the activities of industrialization must reflect social dimensions. Industrialization must consider social considerations affecting employment, gender, wealth generation, public health, safety at work, industrial profitability, the promotion of entrepreneurship, public — private sector partnership, economic and industrial planning and industry support.

UNIDO endeavors to strengthen 3 broad areas of industrial development:

  1. Industry’s role in the economic structure
  2. Production technology, production processes and production efficiency
  3. creating a correct environment for industrial growth.

UNIDO provides integrated services after having elaborate discussion with clients and assessment by experts. A fundamental assessment of clients makes it possible to shape their policies and improve their existing plans. Market failures are identified so that the intervention of UNIDO can be decisive.

The forms of assistance to be given depend upon the stages of industrialization. Gap analysis undertaken in this context reveals the difference between what is needed and what exists. It also identifies the areas of deficiency where more concentration is to be given in terms of services, expertise, training, technology and techniques. The role of UNIDO is vital in building coordination and cooperation. People, government, and institutions are brought together to find solutions to problems.