Guidelines or Steps involved in preparing office layout

The person entrusted with the task of planning the layout should consider the principles of office layout. He should properly understand the nature of organization and work simplification procedure. Then, he should take the following steps to draw up the layout.

Guidelines or Steps involved in preparing office layout

Generally the person who is assigned the task of preparing the office layout has to follow the guidelines and steps given below.

1. He should discuss with the supervisors and various functional department heads relating to office systems and routines along with rules and regulations.

2. He should prepare drawing or blue print of the available area.

3. He should estimate the space requirements for each department and the office as a whole.

4. He should determine the space required for the main work and movement of employees.

5. He should provide space to alter the design in future without causing much inconvenience to the office operations.

6. He should indicate the location of doors, windows, partitions, walls, stairways, lifts, electric and telephone line etc.

7. He should determine the inter-relationship between equipment, information and personnel in the flow of work.

8. He should allot space for reception room, the conference room and private office.

9. The planner should consider the cost and operational aspects of the organization.

10. He prepares the layout by arranging templates according to drawing or blue print. The templates represent the actual space to be occupied by various items of furniture and equipment.

11. He should place the layout so derived before the all department heads, supervisors and employees in order to get their approval.

12. He can made minor modifications in the layout if there is any suggestion given by employees.

13. Finally, he should finalize the layout and paste the labels on the layout to identify the actual items of furniture and equipment.