Product-Line Modification Strategy

Product-line modifications strategy generally involve changes in products or their respositioning by the enhancement of the promotional focus. The changes in product often furnish superior product satisfaction, thereby generating high initial buying and greater, switching from existing brands. Product-line modifications largely aim at customers retention, customer satisfaction and improving the company’s competitive strength, which invariably increases sales by stimulating demand through an increased purchase rate. It may be brought about by:

  • Functional changes
  • Quality changes
  • Style changes
  • Environmental impact changes.

Functional Changes in Product-Line Modification Strategy :

These include redesigning of products functionally or by the addition of new features to products. If functional features are distinct and demonstrable, they enhance product image and gratify the unmet and at times unidentified needs of customers. They also facilitate the functioning of the sales force and of the dealers in the market place. The redesigning of sanitary napkins to tampons is an instance of how a functional change may be more beneficial or convenient to buyers.

Quality Changes in Product-Line Modification Strategy :

The buyers get more durable products through changes in design and material. These changes aim at enticing various categories of customers. At times, it is found desirable to upgrade the quality of products to cater to those segments of the market which crave for goods of superior quality. Contrary to these, in some cases, product quality is required to be downgraded with a view to capturing more profitable market segments which demand goods at lower prices.

Style Changes in Product-Line Modification Strategy :

The style improvement aims to enhance the aesthetic appearance of a product. It may include changes in label and packaging. These changes indicate at times a unique brand identification.

Environmental Impact Changes in Product-Line Modification Strategy :

In some cases, manufacturers have to modify their products or product lines in obedience to pressure from the government, competitors or its commitment to social responsibility.