Installation of reporting system in organization | Steps involved

The following steps should be taken while initiating the installation of reporting system in an organization.

Steps in installation of reporting system

1. The functional areas of the organization should be identified with the help of organization chart.

2. The level of authority and responsibility vested with the management executive should be ascertained.

3. The significance of each job i.e. job description should be find out to know the interrelationship between various jobs.

4. The contents of report and the time of submission of report with frequency have been decided by having discussion with the members of the management team.

5. A data bank can be created for easy collection and storing of various required information as early as possible.

6. Sources of information should be located and established.

7. A list of types of reports to be prepared under the reporting system should be prepared.

8. The forms, contents and styles of such reports should be finalized by having discussion with user managers.

9. The frequency of report should be kept as minimum. The reason is that more frequency of reports leads to more paper work and the management or the end users of the report cannot able to take valid decision.

10. A chart indicating the reporting system should be drawn within the organization chart.

By taking above steps, a reporting system should be gradually implemented. A separate responsible person may be appointed to manage and supervise the working of reporting system if necessary.

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