Guidelines for effective stationery handling in office

Stationery handling at office

Stationery handling is one of the important aspects of control of stationery. There is a possibility of avoiding wastage and ensuring continuous supply if the stationery is issued under proper procedure.

Guidelines for effective handling of office stationery

Image: Guidelines for effective handling of office stationery

According to Denyer,

“While the issuing system must be reasonable in its operation, it must be so liberal that separate stationery stores are built up since nothing induces waste more than being over liberal with individual issues.”

Hence, the issue of stationery should be as per the needs of the office and there is a little control on stationery.

Guidelines for effective handling of office stationery

The following steps may be taken to fix the issue procedure for stationery.

1. Indent

The every issue of stationery should be based on requisition. The departments can prepare an indent whenever there is a need of stationery. The departmental heads should sign the indent. The storekeeper can issue the stationery after receiving indent. No issue will be made without indent.

2. Issue Time

A time is fixed for issue of stationery. It may be an hour is a day. The issue time should be communicated to every department. If there is any change of issue time which should be communicated without any delay. The absence of issue time leads to inefficiency in operation affects the control system and involves more labour in the activity. The issue may be made in first come first issued basis. It avoids confusion and regularity in the issue of stationery. However, in case of emergency, the issue may be made at any time to required people.

3. Delivery

The storekeepers can deliver stationery at the work place of every department. There is no need of deputing any person to get the stationery items from the stores by the departments. This saves time, labour and pilferage.

4. Issue Quantity

Every stationery is to be issued in a specified quantity. There must be a unit of measurement for stationery. The paper may be issued in ream, pens, pencils, cutters, erasers and the like are issue in dozens. Gum is issued in number. This unit of measurement facilitates stock control and helpful to both stores and departments.

5. Accounting

Both stores and department should prepare the accounts for stationery. The storekeeper maintains the issue registers. The Issue Register is to be updated with every issue of stationery. The physical stock should tally with the Issue Register. Likewise, each department should maintain stationery register, make entries for receipt, issue, and balance in the register to keep the stationery stock up to date. Issue register contains the details like date, indent number, indenting department, quantity issued etc. Proper entries should be made in Issue Register for effective control system.

6. Stock Maintenance

Stock levels for each stationery items are fixed and maintained. The stationery items should be purchased at regular intervals in order to maintain required stock levels. Required stock levels ensure continuous supply of stationery. This should be a continuous activity. The department should not be allowed to receive the stationery without indent. Drawings of the stationery will be honored depending upon the honesty and sincerity of the person drawings the stationery.