Alphabetical Classification of Files | Advantages | Disadvantages

Alphabetical Classification of Files

The first letter of the name is taken into account for classification. It is strictly adhered to the manner in such a way that a dictionary is printed. On this basis, the letters and folders containing letters from various communications are arranged according to the first letter of the name with which communication begins. If more than one communication begins with the same name, the arrangement takes into account the subsequent letters also.

Alphabetical classification of files - Advantages and Disadvantages

Image: Alphabetical classification of files – Advantages and Disadvantages

For example

  • R, Ra, Rb, Rc, Rd……..
  • Raa, Rab, Rac, Rad…… etc.

This type of classification is suitable to the organization which has less than 1000 employees.

Advantages of Alphabetical classification of files

The advantages of alphabetical filing are presented below

1. This classification is very simple to understand and operate.

2. It self-indexing. Hence, there is no need of separate index for them.

3. It is highly elastic since new headings can be introduced at anytime and at any place without disturbing the existing classification.

4. It provides a basis for direct reference. Hence, the chances of misfiling are minimized.

5. There is convenience of grouping of papers in the name of the company.

6. It gives a provision for grouping of miscellaneous papers.

Disadvantages of Alphabetical classification of files

The disadvantages of alphabetical filing are given below.

1. It requires a lot of time to find papers and thus hinders the speed of operation.

2. Alphabetical method of filing leads to confusion and congestion if there is a common name.

3. Papers may be misfiled due to misspelling of names. If so, finding of paper is very difficult.

4. Estimating the space required under different letters of the alphabet may sometimes seems to be difficult.

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