Advantages and Disadvantages of Office Forms

Advantages and Disadvantages of Office forms

Image: Advantages and Disadvantages of Office forms

Advantages of Office Forms

The following are the advantages of office forms.

1. Simplify the Office Procedure: A number or name may be provided to the office forms. They not only reduce the volume of work to some extent but also help in increasing the office work.

2. Saves Time: In relevant and unnecessary information are not recorded. Only relevant information is recorded briefly. This saves time.

3. Reduce Chances of Mistakes: The persons in using the office forms are well aware of the contents and requirements. Hence, the chances of mistakes and errors occurring are considerably reduced.

4. Preservation of Records: Uniform and systematic filing is possible with the help of office forms. It leads to easy preservation of records.

5. Fixation of Responsibility: The forms contain the details of the name and signature of the person who prepare the form. If there is any mistake or errors, the concerned individual is responsible.

6. Aid to planning: The proper preservation of forms helps the management for better planning.

7. Better Human Relations: Employees are assured of keeping a proper record of their work, wages, bonus etc. It creates a confidence in the minds of every employee about the protection of interests of employees by the management. This may promote better human relations in an organization.

8. Reduce Cost of Office Operation: The utilization of office forms reduces the volume of work and increases the efficiency of employees and output of each worker. Less energy is required to perform a job. Thus, the use of forms reduces the cost of office operation.

9. Systematic Recording of Information: All necessary and relevant information are recorded in a specified form. At the same time, all the information is supplied to a needy person.

10. Better Customer Service: Quick reference of information is possible with the help of forms. This enables the management to serve the customers better.

Disadvantages of Office Forms

1. The designing and printing of the office forms requires much time.

2. If the form was not correctly designed and printed, a lot of confusion may be raised and results in wastage of time, labour and money.

3. It becomes monotony to fill the forms to the clerk.