Situations when Office Layout require Redesign (Relayout)

What is redesigning?

Redesigning means changing the existing layout according to the current requirements. The layout may be redesigned to improve the existing layout or eliminate the inconvenience of the existing layout. Office layout may be redesigned in the following cases.

Situations Demanding Office layout Redesign (Re-layout)

1. When there is an increase or decrease of office personnel.

2. When the office is shifted to new place for want of more accommodation.

3. When the flow of work is changed by adopting new methods and procedures.

4. When there is an increase or decrease of workload in the office.

5. When work piles are stagnated in one place and others wait for more time.

6. When the office staff requires good working environment and expecting better lighting and ventilation.

7. When work is lost in transit

8. When the moving space is inadequate in an office and employees find it difficult to move freely.

9. When over crowding of personnel and record room is apparent.

10. When the office equipment has been changed or modernized on account of obsolescence.

11. When there is a change in the organizational culture – new authority and new responsibility.

12. When office functions are expanded or reduced.

13. When there is an alteration made in the office space.

14. When there is a change in the office operation due to lease agreement.

15. When there is a change in the balance of the sexes radically.

16. When promotions take place in the office.

17. When there is significant variation occurs in employee’s position.

18. When the new management may redesign the office layout due to amalgamation or merging or selling of an enterprise.

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