How to formulate a research design in multi-country study?

While creating a research design, substantial attempt is necessary to make sure that the procedures used will ensure comparability of data. In order to handle problems such as cultural bias in research design and interpretation of data, etc., viewpoints of researchers from various nations and ethnicity, so that the bias is minimal. However, this method will only work if there are no major problems of communication between researchers from different environments. If this is not the case, there is a possibility that some other kind of unknown bias might be introduced into the cultural and social values and the method of conducting research in the host country could play an important role in facilitating the process of international marketing research.

One of the first factors to consider in developing a research design is the reliability and validity of the secondary data used. The accuracy of secondary data varies enormously across countries. This means that the database being used to develop primary research may be inaccurate or highly biased or lack the capability to make multi-country comparisons.

Further to this, the research design needs to incorporate methods which will be feasible in the foreign country markets as well as allowing the international researcher to obtain meaningful and relevant findings.

Social and cultural factors are one of the most important issues which affect the process of international marketing research. Thus in collecting primary data, the researcher needs to consider the issues facing them in evaluating the possible methods under consideration.

In this context, qualitative research, questionnaire design, survey methods and sampling considerations are of most important.

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