Choice of Filing Equipment | Purpose | Affecting factors | Requirements

Choice of filing equipment

The choice of filing equipment affects the efficiency of the filing system. If suitable equipment is provided for an efficient filing system, certainly there is a possibility of increasing overall operational efficiency of the organization. It is just like a creation of sound by using two hands. A number of filing equipment is available. The office manager can select any one of office equipment by considering the purpose it serves.

Filing Equipment - Choice, Purpose, Affecting factors, Requirement of good filing equipment

Filing Equipment – Choice, Purpose, Affecting factors, Requirement of good filing equipment

Purpose of Selecting Filing Equipment

The following purposes must to keep in mind while selecting the filing equipment.

1. It protects the document against careless handling.

2. It prevents theft or unauthorized references.

3. It protects the documents against deterioration through dust.

4. It reduces the physical efforts in inserting, locating and extracting documents.

5. It protects the documents against the loss made by fire.

Factors Affecting the Selection of Filing Equipment

The following factors are affecting while selecting anyone of the filing equipment.

1. The number and the size of records to be maintained.

2. The frequency of reference of files.

3. The speed with which the documents is required.

4. The physical appearance of the equipment as a piece of furniture.

5. The life of filing equipment and the duration required for maintenance.

Requirements of Good filing equipment

1. Adequacy: The filing equipment should be fully adequate for the purpose for which it is to be used. If not so, the labour of filing and expends will be increased.

2. Simplicity: The filing equipment should be simple with adequate indexes, guides and folders.

3. Less effort: The use of filing equipment should require less effort.

4. Quality: The duration of the filing equipment should not be less than 20 years. The frequent changing of filing equipment may dislocate the documents and increase the expenses.

5. Economy in Space: The filing equipment should be economical in its use of space.

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