Audiences for public relations activities

Public Relations‘ is different from customer relations. Because public relations go beyond the realm of customer relations. The audiences identified for PR include – Intermediaries, suppliers, employees, financiers, government and local communities.

External audiences for public relations activities

1. Intermediaries: Intermediaries are those people who operate between the service provider and customers. The concerns of intermediaries are virtually similar to those of customers. Particularly, intermediaries need reassurances about company’s capabilities as service provider. Service organizations may develop this reassurance through company’s newsletters trade journals, articles, brochures, etc.

2. Suppliers: Suppliers are to be assured of company’s credibility. They should be satisfied that the service providers are capable of meeting their contractual obligations. The service provider can gain the support of the suppliers by highlighting the major developments of the service firm.

3. Employees: As service personnel are an integral part of the service offerings, they must be well trained to tone up involvement and motivation among employees. In this context, public relations overlap with the internal marketing.

4. Financiers: Financiers include financial institutions and banks that lend financial support to the service providers. They should maintain effective public relations with the financial institutions ensuring the accomplishment of finance-related objectives.

5. Government: The policies and operations of the government have a significant impact on the service industry. The service firms may lobby with the government in order to promote or defeat legislation and support. The service firm should create a favorable image by effectively communicating with government departments and civil servants.

6. Local communities: The service firms are responsible to the society in which they are functioning. Their style of functioning should ensure that the benefits of service accrue in correct measures to all sections of the community. Organizations can create a good image among the public through contributions to charitable institutions, sponsorship of local events, etc., in order to achieve an increased awareness and to enhance reputation, etc.

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