Advantages of a Good Salesmen Training Programme

A well-designed and well-organized salesmen training programme bestows several benefits on the firm as well as on the salesmen. The main advantages of a good training programme to the firm are explained below:

Advantages of a Good Salesmen Training Programme

Advantages of a Good Salesmen Training Programme

1. Increased sales: A good training programme helps the salesmen to increase the sales.

2. Early selling maturity: A good training helps the salesmen to attain early selling maturity (i.e., learning the tricks of the trade quickly).

3. Lower supervision costs: Training reduces the costs of supervision and control of salesmen.

4. Lower turnover of sales force: Good training makes the salesmen well prepared for their work. So, they do not, usually, leave their jobs. That means, there is reduction in the turnover of sales force. The reduced turnover of sales force, in turn, reduces the costs of recruitment and training of new salesmen.

5. Better relations with customers: Proper training of salesmen helps them to maintain cordial relations with the customers. This improves the image of the firm.

6. Attracts talents: Provision of training attracts talented and better types of salesmen.

7. Increased morale: Good training gives the salesmen the required confidence. As a result, the morale of the sales force will be high.

8. Planned spies campaign: Training contributes to planned sales campaign by the salesmen. This reduces the loss of time of the salesmen in travel, canvassing, etc.

9. Good employer-employee relations: Training also contributes to good relations between the employer and employees (i.e., sales force).

10. Better demonstration: Training helps the salesmen to demonstrate their products better.

11. Smaller sales force: A firm, having proper training programme for its salesmen, can manage all its selling activities with a smaller number of well-trained salesmen.

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