Activities of Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT)

The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) was registered under the Societies Registration Act. It undertakes the following activities:

Activities of Indian Institute of Foreign Trade

1. It provides training to executives and personnel employed in trade and industry, export houses, export organizations, government departments, trading corporations, Indian embassies and consulates abroad. The training facilities are intended to develop specialization in techniques, methods and procedures of international trade.

2. Sponsoring candidates selected from industry and trade, export houses, government departments, trading corporations etc., for training abroad. The training is intended to impart techniques and procedures adopted by advanced countries in export marketing.

3. Conducting marketing research and area surveys in foreign nations to assess characteristics of the overseas market, consumer preferences, current and potential demand for Indian products and possibility of product promotion in foreign markets. It also conducts commodity studies within the country to locate new products, develop new uses of existing products with export potential and draw up long term plans for their development, processing and export.

4. Undertaking fundamental research on various problems of international trade. It also carries out research on matters referred to it by industry, trade and the government.

5. Consultancy to business establishments in matters related to foreign trade.

6. Dissemination of information in its quarterly journal “Foreign Trade Review“. It also reports various products and market studies conducted by it. Its monthly “Foreign Trade Bulletin” furnishes information on the developments influencing India’s foreign trade.

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