20 Differences between Advertising and Salesmanship

Selling is a two-way relationship. It benefits the buyer and therefore benefits the salesman himself. A salesman should have specialized knowledge of the commodity he is selling. Similarly, he must also study his customer (to whom he is going to sell the commodity) — the customer’s likes and dislikes, maturity, social status and general behavior.

Advertising vs Salesmanship

Advertising vs Salesmanship

A salesman should have a complete knowledge of the market conditions. He must be adept in the art of presentation. Advertising differs from salesmanship in many respects. The main differences between advertising and salesmanship are:

Advertising and Salesmanship

It is true that advertising and salesmanship differ from each other in several respects. But the ultimate aim of both is the same, viz., creation, maintenance and expansion of the demand for goods and services. So, both advertising and salesmanship are complementary to each other and are inseparable. In fact, they are considered as the twin sisters of modern commerce.

Can Advertising Replace Salesmanship?

Advertisement cannot replace salesmanship. There are many reasons for arriving at this conclusion. Some of the important reasons are:

1. Both advertising and salesmanship are intended to achieve the same ultimate objective, viz., demand creation (i.e., making the people buy certain goods or services). For achieving the ultimate objective of demand creation, both advertisement and salesmanship are equally important. One cannot replace the other.

2. Advertising is only an impersonal attempt to persuade people to buy. In these days of stiff-competition, mere impersonal attempt to persuade the people is not enough, the impersonal appeal made through advertisement should be followed up by the personal attempt of the salesmen.

3. Advertisement cannot offer clarifications on the doubts of the customers about the products advertised. The necessary clarification can be given only by salesmen.

4. Advertising and salesmanship are complementary to each other. Advertising just prepares the background for the salesman’s work, i.e., salesmanship, and it should complete the task which advertising has set in motion.

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