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Trade associations and chambers of Commerce play an important role in promoting trade and commerce. They serve as a forum for businessmen to come together, exchange views and discuss issues relating to the economy and industry. But, trade associations and Chambers of Commerce are

Chambers of Commerce | Need | Functions

Why are Chambers of Commerce formed? Chambers of Commerce are formed for the purpose of protecting and promoting the interests of business and the business community. The membership comprises of those connected with business such as merchants, bankers, brokers, industrialists, professionals and financiers. They

Advantages and disadvantages of pool organizations

Advantages of pool organizations The following are the advantages of pool organizations 1. Ease of formation: It can be formed easily without much expense and does not require any raising of capital. The members are not required to pay any fees. It is formed

Why are pools formed | Types of pools | Features

Why are pools formed? Pools are formed with the basic objective of maintaining an effective control over prices. Members associate themselves to regulate the demand side or supply side factors of a product without surrendering their separate entities. The agreement may relate to: Regulation

Private Placement | Meaning | Advantages

What it Private Placement? Private Placement refers to direct sales of securities by a company to institutional investors like Mutual funds, Pension funds Insurance companies, Banks etc. The issuer can either be a Public Limited Company or a Private Limited Company. In this method