Office Management | Meaning and Definition | Elements

Meaning of Office Management Office management refers to the process of planning, organizing, guiding, communicating, directing, coordinating and controlling the activities of a group of people who are working to achieve business objectives efficiently and economically. Office management is not only necessary to business

Types of business reports in business communication

Types of Business Reports in Business Communication The business reports are classified on many basis. Such types of business reports are briefly explained. Reports on the basis of Importance or Frequency The reports are classified into two types. They are ordinary or routine reports

What are the effects of Material Alteration?

Law regarding Material Alteration Section 87 of the Negotiable Instrument act clearly states that any material alteration of a negotiable instrument renders the same void as against anyone who is a party thereto at the time of making such alteration and does not consent

Category Management | Meaning | Features

Selling space is a key resource in retailing. It will be finite and of specific shape and dimension. Airlines and hoteliers apply yield management techniques to their seats and rooms. With a view to maximizing profitability, retailers seek to optimize the use of selling

Brief explanation of various types of Debentures

Types of Debentures There are several types of the debentures on the basis of the terms and conditions of the issue of the debentures. Let us now proceed to discuss the different classes of debentures. Debentures on the basis of Registration 1. Registered Debentures: